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Ella Mai Weisskamp is a Los Angeles based photographer who was born in a small coastal town in Australia.


At the age of seven Ella moved across the world with her mother and older sister. Landing in Miami, experiencing a new melting pot of cultures only helped grow Ella’s curiosity and excitement for what life and this new world around her had to offer. 


Eventually her adventures on the East Coast came to an end and another move was to be made.  She was 14 yrs old now and Los Angeles was home. A purchase of a 35mm camera  with her own savings finally put her on the other side of the camera and gave her the freedom to explore and experiment.  


Her school friends became her muses and her years of modeling allowed her to give gentle instructions and direction to make her friends comfortable.  By the age of 16 her innate need for growth and accomplishment saw her shooting for some of the top agencies in Los Angeles (Ford, Next, Elite and more). 


Working with the models on the agencies New Faces boards she realized there was a lack of variety and perhaps because of her youth she was brave enough and tuned in to her own generation enough to know that things needed to change.  With her trusted relationships with agents she began scouting and casting a new hybrid of models.  She saw beauty in all body types/shapes and ethnicities.  Ella has had the pay off of watching careers (other than her own) blossom after introducing her scouting finds to top tier agents/agencies.


Her work behind the camera has included clients such as GQ STYLE, ID, LOS ANGELES TIMES, HIGH SNOBIETY, VMAG and FAR FETCH, just to name a few. While building her photography career she has also continued to model, continuing her clear insight into how it can feel in front of the camera which in turn enables her to coach the talent through the shoot.

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